SOLAR HEATING - Simply Solar ®

Using solar energy for heating air, which is what is ultimately heated in a home, is the most efficient use of solar energy today. Efficiency of up to 80% is achievable, with 50% possible without special efforts at optimum positioning relative to the sun. Solar hot air systems are inherently simpler and cheaper to manufacture and install. They are also more reliable and trouble-free due to their simplicity.

Solar heating collector panels installed on rooftop.

The Simply Solar forced hot air heating system is simple with numerous innovations that enhance performance and ease of use. It features specially made solar collectors that "trap" the sun's energy. The Solar Collector Panels mount on your roof or outside wall. The roof collectors are 4 feet by 6 feet and weigh 90 pounds.

The air flow system delivers the heat that is collected to the inside of your house by means of efficient high speed blowers and, with roof units, insulated flexible ducting. The heated air enters your home through ceiling mounted grilles. The system is capable of giving you both temperatures and air flow comparable to, or even better than conventional hot air systems.

Simply Solar ® system does not use photovoltaic cells. It does not require plumbing to pump fluids to your rooftop. It simply warms your home.